Recipe for the Tutu à Mineira

The Tutu à Mineira is a plentiful brazilian dish that is based on black beans and meat, with many sides all nicely presented on the same plate; as seen in this dish's other name, tutu de feijão (feijão means beans in portuguese). As the word 'Mineira' implies, this dish is from Minas Gerais, one of the most populated states of Brazil, and is a common dish for the Sunday family dinner all around that state.

A plate of Tutu à Mineira with lamb chops

Making Tutu à Mineira

* 1 and 1/2 lb. black beans, already cooked
* 1 Linguiça Calabresa, brazilian smoked sausage
* lamb chops (optional)
* 4 hard boiled eggs
* bacon
* dried meat
* garlic
* olive oil
* manioc (cassava) flour


1) Let's start by cooking your black beans the way you like, but with these differences in that this dish requires the beans to be seasoned with some salt, and the beans must cook with the smoked sausage. to serve 4 people 1/2k use black beans that has been properly cooked with a piece of smoked sausage, a small piece of bacon and other dried meat - at your discretion.

2) Now that the beans are baked and tender, we add plenty of garlic and a little olive oil; take the pot away from the stove and coarsely mash them into a thick broth with a bean masher or fork, leaving about one quarter of the beans unmashed. Return this broth to the pan, off the stove, and add gradually cassava flour until the desired thickness is reached, traditionally the Tutu is relatively thick; keep warm.

3) In a different pan, cook the rest of the bacon; slice the bacon to small bits and add to the black beans. Now fry the lamb chops, and slice the hard boiled eggs in slices;

Prepare each individual plates, with some Tutu bean sauce, sausages, lamb chops and arranging in an elegant way the slices of hard boiled eggs.

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