The Best Brazilian Fish and Seafood Recipes...

Being strongly related to Portugal, which always had a strong connection with the sea, it is not surprising to see that Brazil has adopted seafood and fish in such a big way, in its traditional cuisine. One of the dishes that stands out in this category in Brazil is the Moqueca, a general term for a fish stew, which today has evolved into so many different dishes... Many regions of Brazil have created their own version of Moqueca, based on the naturally occuring fish species on each of these region's coastline; one example of exotic fish would be the Corvina, highly praised for its unique taste. Then you also have fish variation of other regional favorites, such as the Fish Vatapa...

So here are a few typical recipes, selected in this category for their popularity, deliciousness and culinary importance...

Feijoada do Mar
Amazonian Tacacá

Azul Marinho from Southern Brazil

Bacalhoada (Cod Stew)

Baked Cod Fillets

Brazilian Fried Calamari

Ensopado de Camarão e Coco

The Moqueca from Bahia

The Moqueca Capixaba

Paraíba Style Fish Stew

Brazilian Shrimp Bobo

The Fish Porridge (Pirão de Peixe)

The Shrimp Moqueca

Shrimp in a Pumpkin

Shrimp Soup with Coconut Milk

Bahian Vatapá

Fish Vatapá

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