The Feijoada, Brazil's national dish!

Just as for the Italian cuisine, in Brazil it is the cuisine of the poor that prevailed and that people cherish today, even the whealthy... What do you need to do to a piece of Filet Mignon to make its taste great? Nothing! Now what did the poor and lower classes of Portugal have to do to undesirable meat cuts to make them appealing with an out of this world taste... it is with ingredients like this that culinary art and experimentation come to the rescue! In this case the cuisine of the poor and the slaves has single-handedly beaten any expensive meat cut with its rich taste; feijoada is a truly unique and hearty dish... however, it does requires a bit of planning ahead, because it takes time to make a good feijoada; we have provided here the most important recipes from Brazil to make it...

a pot of feijoada
The Brazilian Cassoulet

The Feijoada Carioca Recipe

The Feijoada with Chicken

Portuguese Feijoada Recipe

Feijoada Light

White Beans and Seafood

Feijoada from Sergipe

Maniçoba from Pará

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