Exploring Brazil through its Cuisine

Brazil is a very big, important and influent country of South America; and it is both interesting and strange to realize how little is known about its food outside the country. Yet people love the exoticness and the idea of Brazil - or what they think Brazil is. Well, to get an accurate picture of its people and history, why not start by getting involved with its food? Feeding is a necessity, why not learn something at the same time? Discovering new ingredients and culinary traditions can be an exciting adventure...

At BestBrazilianRecipes.com, first and foremost we are food enthousiasts, on a quest to discover and share our discoveries to people living outside Brazil.

Only recently we have started the Brazilian food Blog on Facebook, and we plan on keeping it updated regularly: there you will see our progress and be able to discuss your own experience or ask questions about this culinary tradition. We recommend you visit our Facebook blog (on the right) and "like" it, which will keep you connected to our community of food enthousiasts!

To reach us regarding this website, please use this email address: ben@changingworldmedia.com

Also, we are looking for enthusiasts who would like to help us translate this site to other languages (german, italian, spanish, russian, japanese (french already being worked on)) - Any contribution is appreciated, if you are interested, please drop us a line.

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