Canjiquinha with Pork Ribs (Canjiquinha Mineira com Costelinha de Porco)

The grits with pork, or canjiquinha is a typical homely Brazilian dish from Minas Gerais which consists of coarsely mashed hominy then cooked with pork (generally ribs) and tempero caseiro. There are other variations of this dish (much less common) made with beef, chicken or sausage. It is usually served in bowls, accompanied by collard greens (couve refogada).

The Canjiquinha (translated to grits) is obtained by coarsely grinding the corn grain. The main difference between grits and the cornmeal is in the size of the resulting granules. The corn goes through a vibrating machine, where they impurities are removed going through three sorting machines. The grain is dried then it again undergoes a cleaning procedure, where the maize germs are removed through the sorter. The whole process is automatic, where the end product is routed to packaging.

It's very easy to make this dish, and served with couve refogada with garlic it becomes a true Brazilian delight... The grits can be prepared with a thicker sauce, or it can be creamier almost like a soup, sometimes accompanied by croutons and cheese or mozzarella Mines placed on the bottom of the dish. The variations of grits with chicken or beef can be jist as delicious!

Yield: 4-6 servings
Total time:

Canjiquinha with pork

* 2 lb. and 1/2 (1 kg.) of corn grits or mashed hominy
* 2 lb. and 1/2 (1 kg.) of pork ribs smoked
* 1 lb. (500 g) smoked linguiça calabresa
* 1 lb. (500 g) of dried beef meat of beef jerky
* 2 onion, chopped
* 3 garlic cloves, chopped
* parsley, to your taste
* green onion, chopped
* salt and pepper
* Water


1) Let the grits soak in water for about 2 hours, drain and set aside.

2) Meanwhile, cook the beef jerky in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes, with enough water.

3) Cook the ribs in hot water, for about 45 minutes: cut the ribs into units.

4) In a pan with oil, fry the ribs and when they are almost well roasted, add the linguiça calabresa and continue frying until they are completely roasted.

5) Transfer the ribs and the sausages to another clean pan, adding the cooked beef jerky, onion, garlic, salt, parsley and finely chopped shallots and cook.

6) Add the grits and stir to avoid your food sticking to the bottom of the pot, watering slowly with fat frying ribs. Add water until it covers all the ingredients, season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep the water at that level by adding more when necessart, until the grits is fully cooked. If you want a thicker grits sauce then stop adding water when almost cooked.

7) If you would rather change the yellow color resulting from the corn grits, add two tablespoons of tomato paste.

Serve hot, accompanied by some bread.

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