Brazilian Main Dish Recipes...

Brazil's population of today has a pretty wide and diverse ancestry; but most can be traced back to Europe, Africa and most particularily Portugal, of course. Brazilian cuisine is a natural reflection of this multicultural composition and origins of its population; from this cultural melting pot a new brazilian cuisine and identity has emerged...

The Acarajé

Baião de Dois

The Barreado from Paraná

Beef Ribs with Sauce

The Canjiquinha with Pork Ribs

The Caruru

The Chicken Bobo

Cozido de Chambaril

Chicken in Brown Gravy

Chicken Salpicão

Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken with Okra

Dried Meat with Pinions and Cabbage Farofa

Fava Beans with Chouriço

Fettuccine with Dried Meat

The Cuscuz Paulista

Escondidinho de Carne Seca

Filé à Osvaldo Aranha

Galinhada Mineira

Brazilian Style Kibbeh

Mexido à mineira

Risoni Lamb Shanks

Mocotó stew

Ossobuco à Brasileira

Passarinho Fried Chicken

Pato no Tucupi (Duck)

Picadinho de Carne (Beef Stew)

Pot Roast from Minas Gerais

Rice with Beans and Chouriço

Rio de Janeiro Pork Stew

The Sarapatel

Tutu à Mineira

Tutu de Feijão

The Vatapá

Virado à Paulista

Wagoner's Rice

Xinxim Chicken

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