The Best Brazilian Dessert Recipes...

As you can see from this site and from Brazil's sheer size, brazilian cuisine is very varied and has many gems in store for us; there are also some truly delicious and original surprises ahead here in this section about brazilian desserts. Brazilians have found many ways to exploit the rich variety of exotic fruits from their land, such as the açai, coco, nuts, corn, then combined with the portuguese culinary traditions and knowledge from Europe... Something special to try, really!

Brigadeiro in a paper cup

Basic Recipe for Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro Chocolate Cake

Brazil Nut Cake

Coco Cheesecake, the Queijadinha

Coconut Beijinho

The Coconut Canudinhos

Crispy Banana Cake with Streusel

Creamy Cornmeal Cake

Homemade Goiabada

Passionfruit Cake

The Souza Leão Cake

The Sweet Pamonha

Tapioca Couscous with Coco

Tapioca Dessert with Mango

Coconut Quindim

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