The Beijinho de Coco

A popular brazilian dessert, the word “Beijinho” means "a little kiss". One of the secrets to please guests is to prepare for them an appealing sweet table; Brigadeiros, chigoe, cajuzinho and of course the Beijinhos would all play important parts on this table. Because these are definitely a favorite of adults and children alike, you can’t go wrong by offering the same amount of Brigadeiros and Beijinhos, you will probably need less of the other sweets, to avoid waste! Beijinhos are always a winner…

The Beijinhos do not necessarily need to be served in a paper cup: there are hundreds of fancy ways to serve these treats (spoons, mini ice cream cones, etc...); with these we can be creative.

Recipe for 70 Coconut Beijinhos

. 2 cups of condensed milk
. 3/4 cup of fresh grated coconut
. 4 egg yolks, filtered through a sieve
. 1 cup of grated dry coconut
. Cloves


1) Put the first three ingredients in a skillet;

2) Place over low heat and cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until it becoms thick and reduce to the bottom of the skillet;

3) Remove from the skillet and allow this mixture to cool down;

4) Grease your hands with butter and form balls with a teaspoon of the mixture and then pass them on dry coconut;

5) Garnish each beijinho with a clove!

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